Friend since high school, and with the same appetite for creativity, we started to imagine KABAS, a brand that brings together fashion, food and sustainability. Both graduated from a master’s degree in Fashion Management, we wanted to create something on our own, play with visuals, shapes and colors while remaining specific to our core values and our Parisian identity. Through KABAS we encourage you to consume less, to re-use instead of waste and to practice your cooking skills. 
For each KABAS bag collection, we aim to collaborate with an artist, or even with a restaurant in order to fulfill that love of creativeness. We want KABAS to be a sharing of ideas, a creation between different personalities.
We’ve also prepared you a list of things to do in Paris, places to eat or drink because a journey with us means spending time discovering new places, or cooking vegan and vegetarian food and find out new design shops to decorate our apartment.