Founded in the summer of 2021 by Camille Raffray and Margaux Israel, KABAS offers insulated and waterproof bags made from recycled materials.
Both sensitive to "better consumption", they have decided to create their label that brings together the worlds of fashion and food in one bag.
Through KABAS, they encourage people to consume less, to reuse instead of waste and to practice their cooking skills.

Designed as a happy memory of summer picnics, the KABAS bags are available in three sizes, recognizable by their patterns, new interpretations of gingham, blurred lines, more fashionable and artistic.

KABAS is a daily ally, to have with you, for your lunch break, to do your shopping or even to go away for the weekend.
Having always admired the approach of chefs who try to build a better, more committed catering, and in the respect of the producers with whom they work, they try to transmit in their own way, the same messages, through their creation and brand identity. An approach that follows them even in their communication on Instagram, where they like to guide their customers on this line, with lists of Parisian addresses, chefs who share their values and their vision.